Frequently asked questions

How much does the program cost?

Participation in the Evers House transitional housing program is based on a sliding scale. Participants may pay the full 6 month program amount at the start of the program or pay weekly. Participants will be expected to begin paying at the beginning of the program. Participation is based on a sliding scale and the first 4 weeks of the program may be adjusted into a payment plan to assist participants in beginning the program with a grace period to repay the first 4 weeks. Additional information and payment plans will be discussed and agreed upon before starting the program.

How long is the program?

The program is based on 180 day. Participants' needs will be accessed by a case manager beginning 30 days from completion and a determination for extension in the program will be discussed if required on a month to month basis for an additional 180 days.

What do you get from participating in the program?

The program offers a stable environment to allow participants to grow and learn. Assistance with counseling, employment, continued education, and other public welfare programs are offered. Ultimately, it is up to the choices made by the individual and the level in which they participate, as to what they receive from the program. The end goal is for the participant to become successful in continuing their newly learned skills, using them as they begin a new healthy, faith-filled lifestyle of sober living for themselves, their families and community in which they live.

Who do you serve?

Women: Non-violent offenders, with drug related charges, coming out of incarceration or who have completed a drug rehabilitation program.

Can Men Participate in your program?

We do not currently have a facility for men. However, we have plans to add a men's program to our outreach in the future. We are able to address the needs of men and provide them with referrals to programs already in place in our area. You may contact us for information regarding men's programs in our area or go to

Is this a homeless facility?

No. However, United Way of Northwest Florida offers information regarding assistance with services for homelessness and many other programs. Click HERE to go to their website for additional information for homelessness assistance services in and around Bay County, Florida.

Where are the transitional facilites located?

Our facilities are located in Bay County, Florida. Due to the sensitivity of the services provided by our outreach and to continue to ensure the safety of the women participating in our program, the exact locations of our facilites will never be published. While we understand and appreciate that our outreach continues to gain attention in the media and disclosure of the locations of our faclities may ultimately be revealed, we hope our community will continue to respect the efforts and mission of our programs and our safety policy. Our office is located at 433 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401 and interviews are made by appointment only.

How do I or someone I know get accepted into the Transitional Housing Program?

We suggest you request a referral be completed by your current counselor, or you may complete the request yourself. Family and friends may also complete the referral form. Click HERE to download the referral form. Anyone, including the person desiring to participate in our program may complete the referral and request form. However, submission of a referral form does not guarantee participation in our program. If a potential participant does not meet the criteria of our program, we will provide information regarding other programs that may meet their needs. Please remember their may be a waiting list to enter this program.

Is there a waiting list?

Generally the answer to this question is yes. We do our best to assist those in need and if we are unable to accept someone due to the inavailability of a bed in our program, we will put them on a waiting list, in the order it was received and we will provide them with information regarding other programs in our area that may meet their needs. Remember may provide additional information on assistance with temporary housing or shelter information across most of the United States, including our area.

How can I help or support Longleaf Outreach?

Longleaf Outreach is a non-profit 501c3 organization and we rely on the generosity of others to continue to support and grow our program. The program has been completely funded by a few of the the Founding members of Longleaf Outreach and through small fundraisers planned throughout the year. Regardless of a lack of financial support from our community, the expenses required to sustain the program, continue ever month. That's why we NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. You can participate financially, provide pro-bono services or items. Please Click HERE to be taken to our Donation page for more information on how you can help. Thank you for your support of Longleaf Outreach and the Evers House Program.