• Faith & Bible based education, counseling and study group meetings

  • Individual Case Management, customized for individual needs.

  • Group Meetings.

  • Mental Health Services Assistance.

  • Public Assistance Services

  • Medical Assistance Services

  • Legal Counsel Service Assistance.

  • Employment & Career Path Assistance.

  • Continued Education Assistance.

  • Financial Planning. 

  • Family Planning.

  • Growth & Development

  • Community Involvement

  • Sober Independent Living.

  • Transportation Assistance.

Potential residents must have the desire, specific intent and agree to improve and enhance their standard of living through utilizing and participating in Christian-based programs provided by our organization.  Residents are seeking a slightly structured environment to gain confidence in utilizing the knowledge they have obtained through their recovery programs and keep themselves accountable and responsible through our program as a temporary bridge to a more permanent and successful position and lifestyle. 

A Heart for Family & Community


Senator Greg Evers was a local farmer, a public official, an advocate for positive change in and around our communities, state and nation but first and foremost, he was a loving, caring and dedicated Father, Brother, Son and a Friend to everyone he ever met.

Greg's passion for helping those in our community who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues will be carried on as we continue to work in his memory, to change the current laws, stigma and statistics related to drug abuse and mental health in and out of correctional facilities throughout Florida.


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